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Looking to buy a transmission for your car but you can’t to afford a brand-new transmission? No worries we are here to solve your problem, we will help you find the best used transmission for your car for an affordable price. You might be wondering if a used transmission will work like a new one? To be honest No, used car transmission are not the same as re-manufactured transmission. But that doesn’t mean that when you buy a secondhand transmission will only give you more trouble. The transmission that will be sold by the junkyards, salvage yards and auto recyclers will have it tested by professionals and send it to you and although they may not be a new one but they will satisfy your needs and your pocket too.

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We understand the fact that to buy a new car transmission can literally cost you a fortune. But if you opt for a used car, truck transmission you can save a lot of money and along with that you will have almost the same driving experience. We will help you locate the best used transmission from the best place at a fair price who have trained and experienced technicians who are responsible for tuning up the transmission so that it works optimally for years.

Types Of Transmission

There are two main types of transmissions found in vehicles, one is automatic, and the other one is manual. The manual is an old school tool that has been used since the beginning. On the other hand the automatic transmission is more newer in comparison, and offers an easier system. The other type of transmission that are common are, the dual clutch, that functions on similar principles to the manual transmission system, but they come with a computer control, which bridges the gap that is between the automatic and the manual transmission.

The CTV (continuously variable transmission) has its way with individual gears, as it ramps up their power transmission; in comparison to the rules set. Many electric vehicles do not come with a transmission, and in them is a single fixed ratio; that is used to transmit the power to the wheels.

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