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Once you submit the quote request form, we will do the leg work for you. The information that you provided to us on the quote request form along with the specification of the engine that you provide us for will be send to the nationwide dealers of used engines. Once they receive your need, they will either contact you over the phone or will send you an email with the quote if they have the engine available and in stock.
Looking to buy an engine for your car but you can’t to afford a brand-new engine? No worries we are here to solve your problem, we will help you find the best used engine for your car for an affordable price. You might be wondering if a used engine will work like a new one? To be honest No, used car engines are not the same as re-manufactured engines. But that doesn’t mean that when you buy a secondhand engine will only give you more trouble. The engines that will be sold by the junkyards, salvage yards and auto recyclers will have it tested by professionals and send it to you and although they may not be a new one but they will satisfy your needs and your pocket too.

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We, will help you find used engines for all car makes and models. This is where we are specialized at. We will help you locate engines of almost all the brands of cars so that you don’t have to search online in almost all the places of used engines dealers.

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We understand the fact that to buy a new car engine can literally cost you a fortune. But if you opt for a used car, truck engine you can save a lot of money and along with that you will have almost the same driving experience. We will help you locate the best used engine from the best place at a fair price who have trained and experienced technicians who are responsible for tuning up the engines so that it works optimally for years.

Guide for You Before Buying A Used Engines

Engines do have a lifeline and you can’t expect it to last forever. If an engine is pushed beyond the limit that it has, it could wind up damaged that is beyond repair.

If you’ve never purchased a used or re-built engine before, there are a number of things you should know. Follow this advice, and you’ll be able to select an engine that you’ll be completely satisfied with.

Decide If You Want A Disassembled Engine Or A Complete Engine Package

When you’re purchasing an engine, you have two main options. Your first option is to buy a disassembled engine that you can put together yourself. Buying an engine that’s disassembled could save you quite a bit of money, but it will also mean more work for you.

If you buy a complete engine package, you’ll be able to buy an intact engine that will be much easier to install. You should think about both your needs and your abilities before you decide what type of engine you would prefer to purchase.

Complete A Basic Engine Inspection

It’s a wise idea to take a look at any used engine that you’re considering. A basic inspection should be able to tell you a great deal about the engine that you’re buying. If you’re purchasing a used engine online, you may not be able to inspect it in person prior to purchase. However, you can take a closer look at images to see if there are any issues with the engine.

You’ll also want to know that an inspection has already been performed prior to your purchase. You should be able to read the results of this inspection ahead of time so that you can be aware of any minor issues that the engine might have.

Tips to consider if you are buying used or new engines

  • Get a Borescope Inspection Camera If you are purchasing used engines on a regular basis, it’s a good decision to invest in a borescope camera which will make it easier for you to inspect the engine that you are buying. Or you can make sure that the engines you are buying from the vendors provides you with all the information you need.
  • Check on Oil Quality Check Before buying new engine, consider checking with the dealer that you are buying from if the oil quality check has been done on an engine. That way you will com to know on the shape of the engine. An engine might look good form outside but problems lie inside therefore do check with the vendors for a new engine if the oil quality check is done.
  • Take A Look at The Spark Plugs Engines comes with many small parts installed in it, and it is important to have a look at all of these small parts when you’re buying a used engine. When an engine started having problems, those issues often starts with the spark plugs installed in it. Therefore, when you buy an used engine you should look at the condition of an engine’s spark plugs.
  • Make Sure To Check If There Is Any Issue With The Turbo In most of the cases, used engines are comparable to new engines. Many older engines can be in excellent condition; but there might be an issue with the turbine. A bad turbine could “boost creep” or push out way more forced air that it was set to do. Causing the engine to run very lean. Do check the turbo when you buy an used engine.
  • Do A Compression Test or Ask the Results Before Purchasing.The more you do an test on engine, the easier it will be for you to detect any problems if the engine has. Compression testing is done after leak testing. The results of this type of testing will let you know if there are any problems that could lead to engine failure. Ask the business from where you buy the used engine about the results of the compression test to have a clear idea of the engine that you are going to buy the better the results the better the engine is.
  • Make Sure That There Is No Issues With Low Pressure Another issue that you need to check is the low-pressure issue when you purchase a used engine. Low pressure can cause many problems with an engine. For example, the pressure of the oil will determine how effective the oil pump will operate. Few things that can cause a decrease in pressure. Commonly, this happens when an engine has worn bearings. Therefore, check on the engines bearings when you purchase a used engine.
  • Inspect The Cooling Passages Engines can be heated very quickly, especially when you are driving your vehicle at a very high speed. Do make sure that there are no problems with an engines cooling passages which will help cooling the engine whenever the engine needs to. Overheating is a common problem that occurs in an older engines, but that doesn’t mean that there is no solution for this issue. As long as you keep a track of the problems on time, you will be able to find out if there is a problem with other parts of the engine or there is an problem with the engine’s cooling passages and decide what to do from there.

Be Careful Before You Make A Purchase Of The Right Engine

When you are buying used parts, be sure on the specification of the vehicle and the part that you are purchasing. You should be confident that the part you have selected is the right one. Since vehicles comes with many different specifications for the same year make and model it’s wise to confirm the engine that you are buying from should match the exact specification so that it works and install properly on your vehicle.

If you are not sure what you are looking for, it’s a good idea for you to figure that out before you start browsing the internet for the parts. Once you know what you want, it will be easy for you to find the best used options that work for your vehicle. Or else you will end you finding a wrong part which will be a hassle for you and the place that you are buying from.

We Will Help You Find An Engine For Any Vehicle

No matter what size of engine and for what vehicle you are looking for we will help you find a used engine by sending your request to our nation-wide directory of used auto parts recyclers.
Finding a quality, affordable used engines can take a lot of time, but it does not mean that it will take ages when you take advantage of us by using the part request form. We will make it easier for you to buy the best used engines and it will be delivered to you in a very short span of time.

Buying An Engine You Want For The Right Price

In many cases, people gravitate towards buying used parts because they’re hoping to save money. You can find an good used engine with us for a better price since we are forwarding your request to the nation wide directory you will have an option to get quotes from various recyclers along with the condition on the part.

Get Your Engine Delivered Straight To You

If you lead a busy life, you might not have time to pickup an engine personally. Our database of dealers will deliver the engines directly to your doorstep and you don’t have to worry on the condition of the part since it will be inspected and will come to you with a warranty.
If you are trying to stay within a certain budget, do check on the shipping cost on the engine since the shipping cost varies and where you can save a lot of money and stay within the budget that you are looking for.

Get All the Information You Need Before You Buy

When you are buying a used engine, you should not feel like the one that you are buying is a perfect fit for your vehicle since you are spending your hard work money. Be sure to have as much information on the part that you are buying.

A lack of information can make it difficult to determine whether or not a purchase is smart. When you are able to learn a lot about what you’re buying, you won’t have any doubts about your purchase. You’ll be able to order the engine you want with complete confidence. Once it arrives, you should be able to install it without any issues.

Follow this guide if you’re interested in buying used engines. If you have a better understanding of what you should be looking for, you’ll be able to find an engine that fully satisfies all of your needs. Once you’ve chosen your new engine, you’ll be able to install it right away.

We thank you for using our services and we hope that you have find the best quality used engines by using our services.