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What Is an AC Condenser ?

Air Conditioning Condensers are an essential part of a car air conditioning system. The A/C system is a closed loop filled with refrigerant under pressure. Where the A/C compressors perform their task, due to the evaporator (a small heat exchanger installed inside the vehicle ventilation system) the cabin air flows through the evaporator fins. In front of the vehicle, the condenser which is a larger heat exchanger installed. Through the condenser fins by an electric fan and by natural flow during driving, ambient air is pushed. The system is based perform two simple tasks: the cabin heat is absorbed, as the refrigerant vaporizes inside the evaporator. Then the heat is released outside as the refrigerant turns from a vapor into a liquid state inside the condenser. Through this continuous process, the cabin is kept cool even on a hot sunny day.

Situated before the vehicle, directly before the radiator, this part gets high-weight, hot refrigerant from the compressor. Refrigerant moves through the condenser and chills from either the breeze when driving at roadway speeds, or air blowing from electric cooling fans or the fan grip at low speeds and inactive.

More established condensers were constructed utilizing a serpentine structure, which means one long cylinder was collapsed forward and backward, with only a solitary way for the refrigerant to move through. More current plans are called parallel stream, and have numerous cylinders stacked on a level plane, associated with a vertical cylinder at each end.

Refrigerant can travel a wide range of ways through a parallel stream condenser. A case of every condenser type is presented underneath.

Parallel stream condensers are significantly more effective than serpentine condensers. The issue is, the point at which a parallel stream unit gets obstructed, what we call ‘confined’, it very well may be difficult to clean. The paths through a condenser can be as little as 6mm in measurement, and flotsam and jetsam can truly get wedged in there. Flushing has no impact, in light of the fact that the flush basically circumvents the confinement.

Keep in mind, the refrigerant entering the condenser is at a high weight. A little limitation, broken cooling fans, defective fan grip, or poor wind stream over the condenser can keep the refrigerant from chilling off as much as it needs to. This will result in at any rate hotter air, at most intemperate back-weight to the compressor, which will harm the compressor.
To play out a test to decide whether there is an issue in the condenser, the temperature at the bay and outlet of the condenser can be estimated, with the A/C on MAX, all entryways and windows open. The distinction from delta to outlet ought to be 20 to 40 degrees. Under 20 degrees as a rule shows a wind stream issue; either the fan(s) isn’t working, the front of the condenser is hindered with street flotsam and jetsam, and so forth something to that effect. In the event that the thing that matters is more noteworthy than 40 or 50 degrees, there is a limitation in the condenser.

However, there are many industries which manufacture good quality AC condensers such as Spectra Premium Industry, Denso, Global Air, etc.

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