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Intake Manifold

An intake manifold is a segment that conveys either air or an air/fuel blend to the cylinder. The outline of these components fluctuates broadly starting with one application then onto the next, however they all play out that same fundamental capacity, and they all have a single input and multiple outputs. In carbureted engines, the intake manifold connects the carburetor to the intake ports. In fuel-injected engines, the intake manifold connects the throttle body to the intake ports.

In addition to the basic functionality of connecting intake ports to the rest of the intake system, an intake manifold will often serve as the mounting point for other components. These manifolds sometimes also form an integral part of the cylinder head, in that they may serve to “seal” the top of an engine, particularly on internal combustion engines that have a V configuration. In addition to air (and fuel), intake manifolds sometimes also have coolant pass through them.

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