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Used Jaguar Parts From 1901 – 2017

Jaguar Auto Parts are the parts which make Jaguar car, truck or SUV to stay on road for a longer period of time. The engineering skills used to build this parts are high in technology.

The parts are usually very easy to locate particularly if you are going to buy an OEM Parts, the draw backs is the new parts that you are going to buy will be like four times higher then the used OEM Parts so we suggest you to go with Used Jaguar Parts.

There are Mechanical parts like engines and transmissions is where Jaguar shines. Now, you may be thinking. “If they are so good why am I here shopping for a replacement?”. Well, of course with many on the road as there are, there are going to be issues. Also, some people come shopping for Used Jaguar Parts, not because of failure but because of damage due to an accident.

In Used Auto Parts we have the Used Jaguar Parts for the following models 120, 140, 150, F Pace, F Type, Mark 10, S Type, Sedan, Vanden Plas, X Type, XE, XF, XJ Series, XJR, XJS, XJ6, XJ8, XJ12, XK Series, XKE, XKR, XK8. You directly call to us at 1-800-250-6619, we are ready to talk to you.

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History of Jaguar

Jaguar began in 1922 as Swallow Sidecar Company, founded by Sir William Lyons and William Walmsley. William Lyons designed the Jaguar logo in 1922, based on his original vision of designing sidecars for motorcycles. That changed in 1926, when the manufacture of auto bodies began, producing attractive and luxurious sedans built with Jaguar car parts. After Walmsley’s departure in 1934, Lyons resurrected the name Jaguar in 1935 with the SS90 and SS100 sports models, with Jaguar car parts.

After World War II ended in 1945, the company also received the name of Jaguar; however, the money was short and Jaguar was sold to Rubery Owen, a British engineering company that manufactured stamped steel engine panels. The auto parts of Jaguar and Jaguar would later recover some of the momentum lost as a result of World War II.

After the war, Jaguar purchased a manufacturing facility from Standard Motor Company that had supplied the six-cylinder engines included in the Jaguar automobiles. In the 1948 show, Jaguar introduced the XK120, with an unprecedented 160 hp engine driven by Jaguar auto parts. In 1953, Jaguar partnered with Dunlop to revolutionize racing and safety with the disc brake, highlighting the innovation in Jaguar auto parts. Jaguar won the race at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1956 and 1957.

From then on demand for Used Jaguar Parts increased dramatically in the market.

Jaguar Maintenance Tips

For Every 5000 Miles

  • Change your Engine Oil and Filter
  • Lubricate the parts where necessary
  • Change the Fluids
  • Rotate the tiers and see any damage occurred
  • Check lights, belts and wipers are in good condition
  • Check AC and Heater working properly

For Every 15000 Miles

  • Check the Spark plugs condition and change if needed
  • Check the Filters and clean it
  • Check Brakes and Belts
  • Grease the Wheel Bearings

For Every 30000 Miles

  • Change the Transmission Fluid
  • Change the power Steering Fluid
  • Replace Battery by inspecting or change for every 4 years to increase performance
  • Inspect Hand Brake
  • Lubricate the parts which requires

These are the basic things you need to maintain for Jaguar car, if you properly maintain there will be no requirement for buying Used Jaguar Parts.