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Many auto sellers offer Used Hyundai Parts but when it comes to quality it hurts you, so we locate you the best quality Used Auto parts and OEM Parts of Hyundai for your car/truck in the United States for sale.

Used Hyundai Parts From 1901 – 2017

The parts are usually very easy to locate particularly if you are going to buy an OEM Parts, the drawbacks are the new parts that you are going to buy will be like four times higher then the used OEM Parts.

We will send your request to our network of over 500 junkyards, salvage yards across the United States. Fill up your contact details along with the details of the part that you are looking for and get quotes on your email or over the phone and buy it from the place that fits you.

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History of Hyundai Motors

Hyundai Motor Company, a standout amongst other automakers on the planet, was established in 1967. Nevertheless, Hyundai’s history goes back to 1947, when Chung Ju-Yung joined Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company. The organization was established with the point of post-war recreation and industrialization in Korea.

Be that as it may, because of the North Korean attack of 1950, Chang Ju-Yung couldn’t do it and surrendered his development ventures. He moved with his sibling to Busan, yet kept doing all that he could get from the Korean Ministry of Transport and UN powers. This prompted the production of Hyundai Motor Company in 1967.

The organization presented its first auto in 1968, the Cortina, which was fabricated in collaboration with Ford Motor Company. Very quickly, the company realized that there was great potential in the automotive industry and wanted to develop its own car. As a result, Chan Ju-Yung hired George Turnbull (former director of Austin Morris).

George, in response to the creation of high-end vehicles, has hired five other big British automakers. In 1975, Hyundai produced the second car and the first vehicle of the Hyundai Pony series from South Korea (pictured above) with a Mitsubishi powertrain. made by Giorgio Giugiaro of ItalDesign. This marked the beginning of a successful new business, not only in South Korea but throughout the world.

Basic Hyundai Car Maintenance Tips

  • Opt for the general services recommended by the manufacturer and after completing all the free services on departure, have your car repaired every 7000 KM.
  • Drive with the proper air pressure and replace the tires when the nets appear to be worn. Coated with rubber, your old tires can be reused, but only on the rear wheels.
  • Washing cars from below and when the engine is cold is necessary. You can go according to your driving habits and dust level.
  • Check the coolant each time you come from a long trip. If not, check every week.
  • Save your 5 minutes on Sunday in the general review of the car.
  • When your car is 3 years older, check the battery indicator.
  • Park your car in the shade to avoid thermal and UV losses of your material.
  • Use adequate fuel without impurities.
  • If, in an emergency, you are about to change the tire and replace the spare tire, tighten the nuts diagonally. It tightens completely after all the nuts adjust and adjust up to 60%.

These are the tips which make you avoid searching Used Hyundai Parts in the market.