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History of Buick

Buick has the honor and distinction of being America’s oldest active automotive brand, founded in 1899 in the Buick Auto-Vim and energy company before incorporation into the Buick Motor Company in May of 1903. By the way , The brand was marketed as a premium brand that sold affordable luxury vehicles. Buick survived the brand of General Motors, including Oldsmobile and Saturn, and radical changes in the economy, while continuing to innovate when times were difficult.

Purchased by David Dunbar Buick in 1903, Durant was taken to drive Buick in 1904. The first Buick for sale to the public was model B 1904. In total, 37 cars were produced that year and none of the originals survived 2015. A natural developer, Durant makes sure that Buick has become the largest automaker in the United States. With the profits, Durant began acquiring other automakers, calling the company General Motors. Each brand was aimed at a particular audience. Buick was near the top.

In 1939, when the world was involved in World War II, the company became the first car manufacturer to introduce intermittent, something that no other brand would understand for another decade. Over the next 75 years, it continued to beat its own sales records and add and drop models and segments that were not profitable.

In 2005, It consolidated its range in LaCrosse / Allure, Lucerne and Enclave. Although it is small compared to other General Motors brands, the profitability of the range meant that it was not going anywhere in the short term. Previously, the Regal debuted. Shortly after hooking up Jaguar for the most trusted brand in the US, The company left Lucerna. In 2012, the Summer sedan and the Encore mini crossover made their entry into the range.

Today, it is between Chevrolet and Cadillac, selling luxury vehicles at modest prices. In 2016, the new Cabriolet Cascade will be for sale and will be added to the Pitre Buick GMC inventory. 2014 was a record year for the brand, with more than 1,170,000 vehicles sold worldwide. With sales like this, it looks like the company will continue to build its legacy as one of the best entry-level luxury brands in the market.

Basic Tips to Maintain Car

  • Keep the car under cover to avoid dust and damages that may occur
  • Regular checkup is necessary in the maintenance of car
  • Check the belts wipers, lights, tier filled with air and brake condition before you drive
  • Top up the fluids and fuel when ever necessary
  • Have an additional tier with you in case you need any emergency
  • Replace your air filters to avoid dust going inside parts