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Know The History of Bricklin Cars

Malcolm Bricklin made his first million in the hardware / plumbing franchise in Florida before turning 25. He followed that up when he started Subaru of America and imported the Subaru 360. “He left Subaru of America to build his own vehicle; no longer a “one-off”, a kit or a reproduction automobile, however a manufacturing vehicle; your very own car organisation.

The New Brunswick government has increased most of the capital with the hope of creating jobs in two factories in Minto and Saint John.

Bricklin’s initial intention was to sell the cars for $ 4,000. This price was $ 6,500, then $ 7,490 when the first model was purchased in 1974. The 1975 model skyrocketed to $ 9980. Production in 1975 was supposed to be 1000 per month. In the two years of production, the best month saw 429 bricks off line, while January and February 1975 did not see it.

As the transmission, the suspension and many other components came from Detroit, Bricklin was continually fighting a battle of lost supplies. It is increasingly difficult to obtain more money from the New Brunswick government for manufacturing when the volume of production does not increase.